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March 2024

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The latest Newsletter from PROBUS Global has just hit the stands.


Photos by Members

PG members have been contributing their best images since 2008.
Discuss the photos on the PG Message Board.

Shirley Roberts Award Certificate 2022

The Shirley Roberts Memorial Award was presented to Dr R H G Rau in Hyderabad for his outstanding service to PROBUS in India and for his tireless promotion of PROBUS Global. Read the Latest Blog Post.

Speakers Corner

Nick French

Find new speakers for your club by Zoom or in-person.

Tell us about the best speakers you have seen.

Our growing list of amazing entertaining and informative presenters.



Learn about PROBUS Australia, Canada, Belgium, France, and India as presented to PROBUS Global meetings.


Funny Pages

Start your day with a laugh. The most popular page on the PROBUS Global web site.

If you see something funny, add it to the page. Don't be a grouch!


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Meetings & Presentations

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PROBUS clubs have moved online. Request an invitation to attend meetings all over the world.

PG Travel

Travel Group

Share your travel photos or enjoy the trips PROBUS Global members make around the world.

Club Locator

If you are looking for a PROBUS club anywhere, start here.

Before setting off, contact a local PROBUS Global member for more information or to meet on your trip.

To stimulate interest and participation in activities at a time of life when one often welcomes new friendships and an atmosphere of sharing ideas and information.

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