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Guest speakers willing to present to PROBUS Clubs in person or by Zoom.

The speakers listed here have interesting presentations for PROBUS Clubs and have been recommended by one or more of our members. Some speakers will speak for free or for a small donation to a favourite charity. A few professional speakers charge a fee for speaking and that is noted in the description.

Many of the speakers have both short and long form presentations depending on the format of your meeting. Most are comfortable with Zoom presentations for distant clubs and may be available for an in-person presentation when possible. Contact them directly for more information.

If you have enjoyed a presentation at your club, or if you are a speaker who presents to PROBUS clubs, help us add to this list. Tell us about a new speaker

List of Available Presentations

A GRANDMOTHER (Jenny Mallin)
A SOLDIERS 500 DAY ODYSSEY (Roger Woodard)
ALL IN A DAY’S WORK (Chris Helme)
ANGELS IN DRAB (Roger Woodard)
ARMISTICE DAY 1918. (Alan Barker)
AUDREY HEPBURN (Howard Slater)
BACKPACKING THE WORLD IN 1982-1983 (Jos Nolle)
CANADA (Barbara Dickson)
CHIEF DAN GEORGE (Circles Enrichment)
DRINKING WITH THE PROF. (Prof. Richard Sharpe (Doctor Beer))
FOR THE SINS OF MY MOTHER. (Marie Therese Rogers-Moloney)
HISTORY OF ROCK & ROLL (Howard Slater)
HOPS THE KEY TO BEER FLAVOUR (Prof. Richard Sharpe (Doctor Beer))
JUST STOP! (Terry Winship)
MICROSTATES (Peter Jennings)
ON A CAROUSEL (Robert (Bob) Smith)
PROBUS GLOBAL. (Richard Furlong)
ROYAL SCANDALS (Lianne Harris)
TE AURAKI - THE RETURN (Simon Manning)
THE 7 YEARS WAR (David Walmsley)
THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN - 80+ YEARS ON. (Chris Leworthy)
THE CATHARS (David Walmsley)
THE FLIGHT (Thanh Campbell)
THE ROARING 20S (Lianne Harris)
THE SILK ROAD (Lianne Harris)
WIDGETS AND THE CREATION OF BEER FOAM (Prof. Richard Sharpe (Doctor Beer))

Only show speakers willing to use Zoom for a remote presentation

Luigi Calabrese.
Speakers Bio: Luigi Calabrese, President of Frontier Networks Inc., is a seasoned leader in the tech and telecommunications industry, providing internet and phone services to businesses across North America. Additionally, he oversees the residential brand Internet Atlantic, offering internet services in Canada. Luigi is an active member of YPO, a global leadership community for chief executives, where he has previously held the position of Governance Chair. With a focus on advocating for older adults, Luigi collaborates closely with law enforcement agencies in Canada and the USA, including the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the RCMP, and the Department of Homeland Security, to combat fraud and vendor abuse targeting seniors. As a sought-after speaker, Luigi is renowned for his ability to demystify technology and engage audiences with humour and relevant examples. His talks are informative and entertaining, making complex tech topics accessible to all. Luigi is a passionate advocate for older adults, tirelessly working to promote pricing fairness and advocate for reforms to protect older adults from exploitation and abuse.
Tech Trends, Innovations, Threats, and Dirty Little Secrets: Empowering Older Adults in the Digital Age   Topic Abstract: In an era where technology is meant to simplify our lives but often complicates them, Luigi Calabrese discusses the latest trends in mobile devices, sensors, and wearables, focusing on enabling seniors to age comfortably at home. He also addresses the pressing issues of data privacy threats, hacking, and navigating the complexities of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) schemes to ensure seniors stay safe and empowered digitally. Get ready for a fun, adventured filled talk full of examples. You don't need to be technical (or tech savvy at all) to enjoy this discussion.
Luigi’s standard speaking fee is $15,000 but has committed to 12 Probus talks per year at no charge (they are funded by other sponsors). A nominal $200 appearance fee is recommended to help cover expenses. Luigi is often on the road and a Probus talk can be coordinated to align with his travel schedule. He is available for Chapters across Canada. Luigi encourages multiple chapters at a single event. He is passionate about delivering this talk to a wider audience to ensure seniors are well-informed, protected, and entertained. Luigi is happy to provide a no charge webinar via Zoom or Microsoft Teams but encourages the live experience to promote the interactive nature of his discussions.

Robert (Bob) Smith
I am a retired commercial vehicle engineer, with a lifetime interest in social history, vintage lorries, buses and steam traction engines. I have also been involved restoration and writing articles and books related to these subjects.
The Hind Leg of a Donkey, or growing up in the 1950s and 60s!   Barely three years old when Elizabeth II came to the throne, my formative years started with rationing and free school milk and ended with a baby boom and being told "We'd never had it so good?" This illustrated talk takes you through the first two decades of Elizabeths reign, as seen through my eye's living in Hampshire and holidaying in Devon.
On A Carousel   This illustrated talk tells the story of an old time Merry-Go-Round built in 1898. The talk covers the early history of this iconic fairground ride and how this particular example ended up being restored in the New Forest area.
A Diamond Centenary Tour   During the Queens diamond jubilee in June 2012, my wife and I took a tour around Great Britain in a newly restored 1937 vintage AEC lorry. From the New Forest, we traveled through Yorkshire, the Pennines and around Scotland, taking in the scenery and many interesting places, including the royal Yacht Britannia, covering 1800 miles in total.
I do my talks face to face and charge £50, plus a small traveling charge is out of my area, say 5 miles plus. Zoom is a possibilty I could entertain if required?

Carl Bailey
I am Carl Bailey MBE a retired Prison Governor of 34 years service. I am based in Altrincham Cheshire UK. Mobile: 07946623428. My presentation is on Prison Life from a Governors perspective. My presentation lasts around 50 minutes but I can adapt to meet anytime frame. I carry my own props so i do not require any aids.
Prison Life from the Perspective of a Governor   My presentation is interactive - engaging the audience as much as i can. I talk through my career and experiences, what it is like to be a prisoner, show props from the prison, general politics of prison life and QA. I like to add a touch of humour as well as presenting the serious issues of prison life.
I prefer to present in person anywhere in Cheshire or Greater Manchester. My current fee is £60 which i will try to maintain as long as i can [long distances may incur a small extra charge] All my presentations so far have been extremely well received with excellent feedback from the clubs.

Jenna Wickens
Jenna Wickens works with CFS Counseling & Wellbeing as the MatureMinds Coordinator. She believes that the Future is Old and in her role provides advocacy, education, programs, volunteer opportunities, and community resource consultation that support our intrinsic value as we get older. Prior to this, Jenna engaged older adults through virtual platforms, worked in family ministry, and directed a youth centre. Her educational background is in Community Recreation from Brock University and Niagara College, and recently Jenna has earned a designation as a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging. For over a decade, Jenna has been a “storyteller” for those whose voices often get lost in the shuffle. Through both poetry and prose, she has advocated for the encouragement and resilience found in others. In recent years, Jenna has become a local expert against ageism, recognizing that a cultural shift needs to occur if we are to see “growing old” as an opportunity not a liability. Jenna is passionate about her faith, puns, and people. She wants all people to know that they are valued and firmly believes that the greatest superpower is hope.
The Future is Old; Combatting Ageism for a Brighter Outlook and Better Interactions   Words are powerful and language gives the opportunity for connection, community and meaning making- but what does it tell us when “Old” is consistently used in association with negativity? Are older adults less valuable, less able to make meaning, unable to connect? What is “old” anyway? The answers to these questions are complex and rooted in North America’s systemic ageist beliefs. We must garner a greater understanding of ageism and its effects on employment, health care, volunteerism, and life in general for a better future for us all. We are all getting older; Age is in fact, the great equalizer- and research shows that those with positive age beliefs live, on average, 7.5 years longer. What if old meant more experience, more opportunity? What if old meant more kindness and grace and contribution to society? What if simply by changing the language used in our interactions with ourselves and our circles we could instill a sense of inherent value and change the course of someone’s history? Learn about ageism. Make a difference. The future is old!
Grow Your Resilience for Care Givers   Drained. Tired. Burnt out. If you are not living these words right now, it’s guaranteed that you either have… or you will! So how do we find the strength to keep on keeping on when we face life’s challenges? How do we take care of ourselves when we face increasing responsibility to take care of others? The answer is resilience- the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Resilience is a muscle that can grow with use. Resilience makes us tough. Whether you are just trying to care for yourself, or you are caring for another person- a child, grandchild, partner/spouse, friend, family member, or neighbour- you can grow your resilience. Self-care and caregiving can be a heavy load, but you are already more resilient than you give yourself credit for. Join Jenna Wickens for “Grow Your Resilience” to build up your resilience muscles even more!
Jenna provides presentations over Zoom and in person (depending on the distance). There is currently no set fee for these presentations, though donations to CFS Counselling and Wellbeing would be appreciated.

Jos Nolle
Born, raised and educated in The Netherlands. After university engineering completion made a backpack trip around the world (1982-1983). During my thirties worked seven years for Doctors without Borders and afterwards 25 years in international post-secondary education. Resident in Canada since 1995.
My years with Doctors without Borders (Medecins sans Frontieres - MSF)   As a non-medical coordinator worked two years for MSF in Mozambique (1988-1990). Was asked to organize the start of MSF Canada branch (1990-1992). Took the HR portfolio of MSF Holland's operational office in Amsterdam as Management Team member (1993-1994). Have many stories to share about those seven years....
Backpacking the world in 1982-1983   Inspired by a university internship in South Africa (1980) decided to take a bank loan after graduation to see more of the world during a full year. Crossed the Sahara desert with three Dutch friends in an old VW van. Met a wonderful young Canadian woman in India. Spend many hours in buses and trains in South East Asia and South America. Many stories to share....
Post-secondary vocational training as international development field (1995-2020)   Working for two Canadian post secondary applied training institutions, developed a niche area of international assistance in developing countries through train-the-trainer programs, mostly financed through the Canadian federal international development agencies. Many experiences to share from projects in South America, Africa and Asia....
No speaker fee required. In person in the Niagara region or by Zoom.

Tim Burrows
Tim is a retired Vice President of Forty Creek Distillery and a graduate of the University of Toronto where he earned an honours degree in psychology. He has owned and driven battery-electric cars since 2013 and has logged over 300,000 kilometres without the need for gasoline or diesel fuel. He now enjoys sharing his EV and related experience with others as he breaks down many myths and misconceptions about electric vehicle ownership. Tim is a board member of Electric Vehicle Society, a not for profit organization which works to promote the understanding and adoption of electric mobility in Canada. In his role there, he produces a free monthly webinar called "Canada Talks Electric Cars".
Should Your Next Car be Electric?   In this talk Tim explains why we've reached a 'tipping point' where electric cars are replacing those powered by gasoline. He breaks down many myths and misconceptions about EVs and provides a look at the real ownership experience. Tim also touches on the state of self driving technology and what autonomous cars could mean for the future.
From Gadgets to the Grid - Batteries & Our Sustainable Future   In this presentation, Tim talks about how cost reductions and new battery technologies are enabling renewables such as solar and wind and helping in our battle against climate change. The focus is on the way batteries are having a profound impact on two important sectors... transportation and our energy grid.
Could Your Next Career Be in Alcohol?   Tim distills his 30 year career in the beverage alcohol industry into a fun and light hearted talk about whisky, beer and wine. He invites the audience to learn the 'tricks of the trade' and what they need to know to make, market and sell alcoholic beverages in Canada. You will have some fun while learning a little 'inside information' about common alcoholic beverages.
Will travel for in person talks to Toronto, Barrie, London, Mississauga, Hamilton and surrounding areas. Talks via Zoom also available. A speaker's fee is not required however an honorarium is appreciated. Expenses if any, for travel (i.e. toll highways) will be requested. Tim's fourth talk is about the current state of autonomous / self driving vehicles and the way they will change the way we live and work.

Jeff Evans
Jeff Evans is a freelance author and TV historian. His many books include The Penguin TV Companion and a history of Rock & Pop on British TV. Based in Newbury, Berkshire, he offers a number of nostalgic, fun and informative talks on television history, such as the ones listed here.
They Think It’s All Over! A History of Sport on TV   It’s been nearly 90 years since a major sporting event was first shown on British television and, boy, has TV’s coverage of sport changed since those early days. Author and television historian Jeff Evans tells you all about the history of sport on TV in this lively, fully-illustrated talk, offering lots of ‘I never knew that’ moments and bringing back many warm memories. Football, rugby, cricket, tennis, rowing, horse racing, boxing, wrestling, athletics and snooker all feature prominently, as do some rather less obvious sports, and some truly wacky moments, that have graced the television screen over the years. And there’s also a chance to learn more about the many presenters, commentators and sports analysts who have contributed so much to the viewing experience. Jeff’s 50–60-minute talk will carry you back in time, helping you to relive some of the most exciting sporting moments over the decades and taking you behind the scenes of the most fondly-remembered sports programmes.
The Questionable History of the TV Quiz Show   One of television’s most successful creations is the quiz show – the programme where everyone can show how clever they are and possibly earn a small fortune in the process. But where did it all begin? Which shows have been the most successful? And who, along the way, have been the winners, losers and – perhaps most intriguingly – the cheaters? This fully illustrated, entertaining talk covers the whole fascinating history of the TV quiz show from its earliest days in the 1930s to today, showing how the format developed, celebrating the good, the bad and the ugly, and unearthing some very dodgy dealing along the way. Expect lots of warm memories, plenty of surprises and lots of ‘I didn’t know that’ moments in this 50–60-minute talk.
Pop on the Box: A History of Pop Music on British Television   Freelance journalist and television historian Jeff Evans, author of Rock & Pop on British TV (Omnibus Press), tells the intriguing story of 60 years of music on television in this fully illustrated talk, beginning in the 1950s with shows such as Six-Five Special and Oh Boy! and continuing through the decades with programmes including Juke Box Jury, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Ready, Steady, Go!, Top of the Pops, The Old Grey Whistle Test, The Tube and Later with Jools Holland, as well as a number of programmes that you may just have forgotten. Expect lots of warm memories and more than a few surprises. And if you have any questions, just fire away! This talk can be shaped to fit the age/interests of the audience (e.g. majoring on the early decades for a more mature audience, who perhaps have little interest in more recent music programmes) and can be extended or shortened timewise, for anything from 50 minutes to a couple of hours.
Another of Jeff's popular talks is titled The Golden Age of Children's Television, covering the early years through to the end of the 1970s. All talks may also be available via Zoom. The minimum fee is £95. Jeff is happy to present his talks across the UK but would obviously need to factor in travel costs where relevant.

John Newman
I joined the Met. Police Cadet Corps at age 16 and at the age of 17 I was selected to do VSO and spent a year on a Pacific Coral Atoll, where I started and ran a Youth Club as well as teaching English and assisting the District Commissioner. On my return I rejoined the Police Service for a further 5 years and then left to pursue a career in Sales and Management.
A year on a Pacific Coral Atoll   At the age of 17 I was selected to do VSO and spent a year on a Pacific Coral Atoll, where I started and ran a Youth Club as well as teaching English and assisting the District Commissioner. As part of my talk, I show a number of photos of the islands and bring a selection of sea shells which I collected by scuba diving in the reefs and lagoons.
Growing a Footsie 100 Company from scratch   Having worked initially as a Salesman and later as an Executive Director in the Financial Services Industry. In 1991 I was headhunted and joined a new start up Company called J. Rothschild Assurance. We had £43 million of initial capital and the Company floated on the Stock Market in 1997 with a market capitalization of £663 million My role was to recruit and manage the Financial Advisors starting from zero until 2003 when I retired with over 1600 Financial Advisors. As part of my role I had to speak at the Annual Company Meeting which was held in prestigious locations such as The Royal Albert Hall, The Barbican and the O2 Centre. As part of my talk I will be showing photos of some of the famous guest speakers and the anecdotes arising.
In person preferably but Zoom is OK. Please note I do not have a Zoom account. Fee is £60 plus travel expenses if incurred.

Annette Sandberg
Annette Sandberg is a Simcoe – Grey County, Ontario, Canada historical researcher and writer whose storytelling comes to life through her Live and Zoom presentations, creative writing, Guided hikes, and Nature photography of the ancient Niagara Escarpment and surrounding area. Annette grew up on the Niagara Escarpment on a 200-acre farm near the Blue Mountains, Canada, and now resides in nearby Collingwood. Her love for the area developed as a child with curiosity and wonder of the earth, sky, and all living inhabitants of both the land and water. This has led her to hike it end to end (Bruce Trail), research, and document the ancient history of the Niagara Escarpment – Ontario’s most prominent Land feature. In 1990, it was designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). "A good teacher is always a constant and passionate student".
The Ancient Formation of the Niagara Escarpment & Area   Niagara Escarpment Ancient Formation presentation focuses primarily on its 450 million-year creation throughout the six periods of the Paleozoic Era and where we find the evidence of those life forms today! The Niagara Escarpment is designated as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. All presentations include Annette’s impressive fossil collection of Earth’s first arthropods, sponges, and coral.
The Indigenous of Huronia meet the Early Explorers of New France,   Local History Series presentation begins at the last retreating Ice Age 20,000 years ago and travels through time to Huronia’s( present-day Simcoe-Grey County, Ontario) First Peoples – The Tionontati/Petun, Anishinabee, Wendat-Huron, Haudenosonee, and their relationship with early explorers & the Jesuit Missions 1500s – 1600s. We will review the Village sites, local folklore, and the Battles of the Fur Trade in Huronia as told through various written and oral accounts of the events from the Jesuit Relations and Samuel de Champlain, maps, and artifacts found through archeological digs.
British Colonization in Huronia, Upper Canada.   From the travel overseas to the Land of Huronia, Upper Canada, we explore the European immigrants of British Colonization and their hardships, hopes, and real stories as told through their own various written and oral accounts of the events, and the maps and artifacts found through archeological digs. We will also visit the Family Compact Government and how it influenced the survival of these newcomers.
TBD Please contact Annette to discuss the fee as per the specific location.

Walter Weckers
Born and raised in Belgium, I am now a long-time resident and citizen of Canada. After a career in executive management I am now fully retired. One of my hobbies is writing which over the years has evolved from short stories to novels. My first published novel in entitled"The Final Year" with the subtitle "The Story of HMS Nancy, Alexander Mackintosh, Miller Worsley and Events of the War of 1812".
How I wrote and published my first historical fiction novel based on true facts.   I concentrate on how and why I created the story that places the Town of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada into a national historical context. How my writing evolved through this process.It touches on how research was conducted, I emphasize that where events are known they are introduced. Thus, it elaborates that this historical novel is based on known facts.
Available for in-person talks in the following Ontario locations: Barrie, Orillia, Midland, Penetanguishene, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Thornbury, Meaford, Owen Sound. Zoom elsewhere. No Fee. In person: permission to promote book. On Zoom: invitation to purchase book through Amazon.

Jenny Mallin
I'm a self published author and winner of "Best in the World Cookbook" for 2017 by the Gourmand World Cookbook Society and have given over 5,000 talks both on cruise ships (Fred Olsen) and U3As, WI and Family History Groups. My talks are based upon my own experiences in life and involve also my travels around India. I have based most of my talks however on the subject of my published book "A Grandmother's Legacy" which covers five generations of my family who lived in British India.
Life behind the scenes at the BBC Television Centre   A fascinating insight into how production life was in the seventies, through the speaker's real life experiences and stories which capture a time when the BBC was the main television broadcaster with just one other broadcaster, ITV. Jenny's seven year career offers a unique insight into the workings of each department, we discover how the news programme was put together and her personal insights which no-one will know about, her time on the Generation Game as a Contestant Researcher and Game Deviser to three years of sharing intimate, hilarious chats with playwright Alan Bennett to her days on Mastermind and Top of the Pops.
A Grandmother   A complete insight how five generations of a family lived as Domiciled Anglo Indians with British ancestry on both sides of the family for almost two hundred years in India during the British Raj. We discover the early ancestors' story of military battles in the 18th century and how future generations were involved in professions on the railway, education and medicine whilst tagging on the story of the grandmothers and their lives seen through the eyes of their granddaughter. There are wonderful family sepia images throughout this particular talk with anecdotes and historical facts, data and records which will intrigue both family historians but also those who are interested in learning more about how life was for those living in British India. This talk provides a fascinating glimpse into a real family, real stories and how history ran parallel in their own lives, the best way to describe this popular presentation with vivid images is that the audience is treated to a snippet of each of my talks to such an extent that you feel you are discovering all the chapters of a book in one talk. Family History talk Testimonial from West Surrey Family History Society "Hi Jenny, I just wanted to thank you again, on behalf of the West Surrey Family History Society, for your very interesting talk yesterday. The numerous photographs brought to life the history of your family, which seems to have been involved in some rather interesting periods of history, and we have received quite an amount of positive feedback from the attendees." My Family History talk Testimonial from Notts Family History Society's President Peter Hammond "This talk takes us on a fascinating journey from Mirfield in Yorkshire to the hot climes of India. Through a wonderful legacy of photographs and ephemera, along with original research into a variety of archives, Jenny's family history is a mini-version of the development of India itself. Highly recommended." Family History talk Testimonial from London Family History Society "Dear Jenny, Thank you for your fascinating talk to our Virtual Branch yesterday evening. The stories of your female ancestors shown through the wonderful cookbook that they passed down were most enjoyable. How lucky you are to have the cookbook and such a heritage! "
The memsahibs and their servants   We discover the very first memsahibs to set foot into India in 1617, and how a fair amount of hoodwinking by these ladies who travelled out to the East Indies at a time when the East India Company expressly forbade women to do this. We learn of the fishing fleet ladies, those English young women of marriageable age who soon found themselves faced with the social stigma of spinsterhood that were now looked upon as objects of pity as fate had dealt them an unlucky hand and their only way to gain a hand in marriage was to go in search of a husband, and quickly… We learn of the challenges that lay ahead for them in running a household and the considerations that they would need to bear in mind when hiring their servants. Testimonial from "Tendring U3A" Karen, Speaker Co-ordinator Hi Jenny, Thank you so very much for today’s talk on "The Memsahibs and their Servants" which was extremely enjoyable. Not only was it full of interesting facts, information and good visuals but your delivery was excellent – not too fast (as has been experienced by other speakers). I will keep your details on file for future events." Bishops Cleeve U3A Joan Hall, Speaker Secretary Our thanks again Jenny for your time and giving us such an insight into the life of a Memsahib in the British Raj. I know how much our members enjoyed your Memsahibs talk - here's a selection of their comments - “so interesting” “fascinating” “Jenny’s talk really brought it all to life” “very informative and well constructed” “had heard a talk about the “Fishing Fleet” but the rest was new to me – brilliant” “such a joy listening to what Jenny had to tell” such comments speak for themselves, I think.
In person talk is anything between £90 - £150 plus mileage costs 45p per mile (RG20). A zoom talk is £65.00 for a one hour talk with the opportunity of Q&A afterwards also.

John Arnone
I am a Canadian writer who has uncovered remarkable and little-known connections between The Beatles and Canada in my book, Us and Them: Canada, Canadians and The Beatles (FriesenPress).
The Beatles and Canada   The Beatles' Great Canadian Adventure is a 45-minute powerpoint presentation that describes in words, images and music the remarkable and historic relationship between Canada, Canadians and The Beatles. It is well researched and entertaining with particular appeal to men and women who enjoyed the musical revolution that occurred in the 1960s.
An in-person presentation is preferred for better retention, passion and ambiance. A nominal speaker's fee is appreciated -- negotiable based on a club's budget. I would also appreciate a reasonable fuel reimbursement within Ontario given the size of the province. The ability to sell signed copies of my book at a discounted cost will go a long way to supporting my work.

Dr Riley Moynes
Dr. Riley E. Moynes Bio Dr. Moynes has enjoyed a distinguished career spanning four decades in both public and private sectors. In public education, he served as a Department Head, a Superintendent and a Director of Education. He also authored several textbooks including a History of Russia, and a World Religions text. In the private sector, he was a Founding Partner of Assante Wealth Management, author of a book entitled The Money Coach which enjoyed sales of over 200,000 copies, and co-author of several editions of Top Funds. Since stepping back from day-to-day involvement in financial services, Dr. Moynes researches and writes reader-friendly publications on topics of general interest, and presents Workshops across the country based on those publications. One of his most recent books, The Four Phases of Retirement, became a Canadian best-seller within 12 months of publication, and is the basis of his PowerPoint presentation.
The Four Phases of Retirement - and the Psychological Challenges   Description “Are you like most people who focus their retirement planning almost exclusively on the financial and estate planning aspects?” “Did you, like many others, look forward to retirement, only to find that before too long you felt a bit bored, disappointed and even a little depressed?” “Are you aware that there are four distinct Phases of retirement that most of us move through?” Educator, author, researcher and former financial advisor Riley Moynes answered “Yes”, “Yes” and “No” to those questions, and decided to dig deeper into the psychological challenges that most people face in retirement. By interviewing hundreds of retirees, he has discovered a framework that can help make more sense of this challenging chapter of our lives…one that, for many, will last for 30 years or so…about one-third of our lives! When interviewed on his research Dr. Moynes commented, “I wish I knew then what I know now about the psychological challenges that accompany retirement. It would have made things much clearer and easier.” His hope is that as a result of his talk, things will be clearer for you if you’re retired, and if you’re not, that you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when that time comes. Key Words: Retirement, Psychological Challenges, The Big Five, The Three D’s, Loss and Lost, Vacation, Trial and Error, Breakthrough, Rewire
I charge a fee for for-profit organizations, but offer it free to PROBUS and other non-profits. If organizations insist on paying a stipend, I ask that it be paid to a Canadian charity named Water Ambassadors Canada. Their mission is to provide clean drinking water to those who do not have access to it

Simon Quail
Captain Simon Quail B.Ed MA Master Mariner I have delivered fully illustrated talks in large lectures halls, meeting rooms and village halls, about Scottish Lighthouses, those amazing sentinels against the storm; about life at sea and about my travels around the world. I am most careful not to deliver death by PowerPoint... I delivered the monthly lecture for the Wellington Trust to a worldwide Zoom audience. To observe my delivery in action click on this link: https://www.thewellingtontrust.org/whats-on/events-past-lectures-and-exhibitions/ I am a Liveryman of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners. I was recently appointed Ambassador to the Wellington Trust. I deliver the Wheelhouse Augmented Reality Computer Simulation to school children and visitors. I am an HQS Wellington Tour Guide. I joined the Merchant Navy in 1966, serving as a Deck Apprentice with Elder Dempster Lines. 'Gangway – A Life at Sea’ published by Racing Rabbit Press is my maritime memoir, available from my website www.simonquail.uk
Sentinels against the Storm - The Stevenson Lighthouses   Impossibly slender yet amazingly strong, these sentinels against the storm stand testimony to the engineering brilliance of the famous Stevenson family. How did they do it? Why did they? I speak as a mariner fascinated by how they were constructed in the face of storms and the surge of the sea. I was a navigator for nearly twenty years, many of them around the dangerous coastlines of northern Scotland. I know these light towers from a double perspective – from the sea and from the land. Assisted with an array of historic and original images I paint pictures in words to cast light on the fascinating story those brilliant Stevenson engineers and their elegant creations.
Tales from an Ancient Mariner: Beyond the Gangway   A ship’s gangway is the link between the hidden world of life at sea, over the horizon, and the world of life ashore. I talk of ships and the sea, and of an era when vessels were in port for days or even weeks. There was time for runs ashore in ports all over the globe, from England to Australia; from Russia to South Africa. Together we will climb the gangway and glimpse a world long gone, a world which shaped and sustain this island nation.
Circling the Globe by air, land and sea   A collection of lavishly illustrated and entertaining accounts of my world wide travels to: America, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Japan and India. Argentina and Chile Island Travels: The Outer Hebrides, The Isles of Scilly, Guernsey. Botswana
I deliver my talks via Zoom and in person. My fee is £80 plus milage

Howard Slater
I am a retired qualified lecturer and teacher and have been giving talks for over 30 years, The talks I give have been fully researched by myself, they are shown on slides and include original photographs, videos and recordings were relevant, that have been acquired from around the world. The slides are richly illustrated and for clarity, I keep the number of words on each slide to a minimum. Talks are typically an hour long and I am always very happy to take questions. “I have a lap-top, projector, stand, p.a system. Will just require a screen or clear wall.”
Audrey Hepburn   Her life story and her war years - This tells the story of Audrey growing up during the Nazi invasion of Holland followed by a synopsis of her career after WW11. Shown by slides,
Ira and George Gershwin   Their life story, together with a musical interlude of their most famous music and shows. Shown by slides and original videos.
History of Rock & Roll   This talk is about where the term Rock & Roll 0riginated from, the music and the people and who invented Rock & Roll. Shown by slides and music clips.
Fees: £75.00 plus .35p per mile expenses. Through email or 07359508272 Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr. KBE - English comic actor, film-maker, and Composer. His life story and his early films Shown by slides and original film clips Bob Hope - Surprisingly Scandalous Facts of an America’s Entertainer. Shown by slides and video. East End of London or Jewish East End of London - From the Huguenots to the Bengali's. Shown by slides. Glen Miller - His life story and a musical interlude of his most famous music, together with the mystery of how and when he died. Shown by slides and videos Sammy Davis Jr - A successful comedian, actor, dancer and singer and member of the “Rat Pack”. His life story and his songs. Shown by slides and video. Frank Sinatra - “Old blue eyes” His life story, his rise to fame . Including his first recording together with other of his recordings. Shown by slides and video. Sir Winston Churchill-His life story and exploits. Shown by slides. History of the early cinema films, History of cinema from the 19C to Present day including, how films where invented. Shown by original films, slides and video’s Christmas with the Rat Pack. . Swing into the Christmas season with The Rat Pack performed by Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Dean Martin, Richard Rogers. American composer. With 43 Broadway musicals and over 900 songs to his credit, Rodgers was one of the most well-known American composers of the 20th century. Known for his song writing partnerships, first with lyricist Lorenz Hart and then with Oscar Hammerstein. Shown by videos and power point slides The Good Old Days, 40s and 50s music. Musical interlude to include, Ella Fitzgerald with Louis Armstrong, Elvis, Cliff Richards and the Drifters Liberace, Ambrose Orchestra and Kathy Kirby just to name a few. One hour of total reminiscing of the music of the 40s and 50s. Shown by videos and power point slides with a brief synopsis of the artist André Rieu - and His Johann Strauss Orchestra A Dutch violinist, conductor, Rieu has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide. Crowned the “King of Waltz” by the media, this is his life story shown by slides and videos of his music

Chris Leworthy
I am a Guide at the Battle of Britain Bunker at Uxbridge, delivering talks to visitors each week. In addition, I have now provided over 100 ‘Zoom’ and in person talks to societies and groups both in the UK and internationally, including over 40 to Probus clubs. Feedback has been excellent, many return bookings for a different talk have been made. The talks have been described as 'inspiring, fascinating and often exciting' and 'a tour de force'. Three talks are listed below ansd, in addition, I offer a fourth 'DDay - 6th June 1944'
The Battle of Britain - 80+ Years On.   It is now 85 years since the summer of 1940, when outnumbered young pilots from 15 countries defeated the Luftwaffe. The talk will remind us of just what happened in that period, from the occupation of Northern Europe, the Low Countries and Norway, Operation Dynamo and the cruel and vicious 31/2 months of the Battle of Britain. I will discuss the game changing Dowding defence and interception system, the four phases of the Battle, and, in detail, the key events which took place on 15 September 1940 “Battle of Britain Day’. The talk will be illustrated with personal stories, maps, photographs and paintings from that time
Operation Chastise - the Dambusters Raid 80 Years On   May 2023 marked the 80th Anniversary of the Dambusters Raid. It is a story of scientific genius coupled with supreme skill and bravery. The talk will cover the whole operation from concept to conclusion but will, in particular, focus on the raid itself, precisely what the aircrews achieved and what happened to them:
Disaster and Bravery at Dieppe - 19th August 1942   Although the Dieppe raid, Operation Jubilee, has been acknowledged by most as a disaster, it is a fantastic story of incredible bravery in a desperate situation. This will be a talk of around 40 minutes, with time then available for Q and A.
I charge no fee but would appreciate a donation to a Charity that I support.

Circles Enrichment
CIRCLES ENRICHMENT, located in Ontario, Canada, offers a wide range of entertaining and educational presentations on subjects such as art, music, history, Wellness, travel and more. All speakers are professionals with academic background and extensive public speaking experience. We do our presentations both in person and over zoom. For a complete list of topics please visit https://circlesenrichment.com/topics-subjects/.
Chief Dan George   Chief Dan George – a Canadian indigenous Oscar-nominated actor, who appeared in classic 1970s movies like Little Big Man, Harry and Tonto, and The Outlaw Josie Wales. He was also a political activist, and his speech Lament for Confederation from 1967 is a milestone in the dialogue between first nations people and non-natives.
Femmes Fatales and Villainous Vixens   by Paul Dias. Using modern psychology, we’ll explore the real-life cases of some of history’s most notorious female serial killers – proving that criminality is not just a man’s world.

Dr Bill Reith
A graduate of Edinburgh University Medical School, I retired in January 2019 after being partner in a general medical practice in Aberdeen, Scotland. As well as my clinical role I had a particular interest in postgraduate training for general practice. I have been significantly involved with the Royal College of General Practitioners throughout my professional career, having been Honorary Secretary 1994-99, Chair of Postgraduate Training Board 2005-11 and Chair of Heritage Committee 2011-18.
Three Inspirational Women   This talk is based on the work of three women general practitioners, all of whom had at one time or another been partners at what is now known as Westburn Medical Group in Aberdeen, Scotland. As well as being GPs who helped transform the health of women and children, they were activists for women's right and for social change. They challenged the status quo. Primarily about the roles they played, the latter part of the talk reviews opportunities for women in medicine today.
Happy to do talk on Zoom or in person (if realistic distance). No fee.

Tim Speed
"Canada's Flying Museum" is located at Hamilton International Airport, Ontario. The Museum houses over 40 exhibits, of which, almost half remain operational. The Speakers Panel comprises an enthusiastic team of Tour Guides with a mandate to promote interest in the museum and share information about Canada's Military Aviation History.
The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum   In 2022 the museum celebrated its 50th Anniversary. This presentation takes the audience from the earliest days to the present and into the future. It describes the significant events including a disastrous fire in 1993 and the evolution from humble beginnings to its current status. The speaker will illustrate and describe the exhibits and the stories that they represent.
The Andrew Mynarski Memorial Lancaster   Of the more than 7,000 Avro Lancasters built during WWII 430 were built in Canada including one of only 2 that remain airworthy. We tell the story of the Lancaster bomber and ,more specifically, FM 213 from its construction in 1945 through a potentially "career" ending accident through its operational history and its restoration in the guise of VR-A the aircraft on which Andrew Mynarski VC gave his life to save his friend.
The Avro Arrow   In the 1950s Avro Canada developed a Jet interceptor that was capable of flying higher and faster than any other contemporary aircraft. 5 examples were completed and were test flying. On 20th February 1959 the project was cancelled. Existing examples alomg with jigs, tooling and blueprints were destroyed by order of the Canadian Government. Why?
We have a selection of more than 20 presentations. There is no set fee, however donations to CWHM can be made at warplane.com and are always appreciated. If within travelling distance we are available for in person presentations. We have experience of various Video Conferencing Services, Zoom, MS Teams etc and have delivered in a hybrid format.

Prof. Richard Sharpe (Doctor Beer)
I have been in the brewing industry all my working life and my speciality is the science, quality, flavour and troubleshooting of the process. I have consulted for the top 50 CEO's in the world brewing industry and now having retired give back by talking about brewing raising money for charity. I enjoy fast cars, sailing and golf.
Hops the Key to Beer Flavour   This is my most popular talk, it covers a discussion of the world industry, the brewing process and looks at brewing art, finance, legislation and the heritage of beer. I also review the cultivation of hops and their use in brewing and how they impart the key to beer flavour. It is a fun filled talk which has something for everybody.
Widgets and the creation of beer foam   Having been party to the development of the key foam enhancing devices, widgets, used in the brewing industry mainly in the UK I review the widgets created by a number of UK brewers in the 80s and 90s. The talk also covers a review of the industry and the process.
Drinking with the Prof.   This is a very hands on talk and needs a lot of input by the host. I review the industry, the brewing process and the flavour and aroma of beer. We then assess together three or four beers selected by the Prof and discuss their organoleptic qualities. The host will have to supply the beers as nominated, supply sufficient glasses for each attending to have a small quantity of each beer and of course clear up afterwards. Since only a small quantity of each beer are tasted all should be able to drive home safety however the host and lecturer do not take any responsibility for alcoholic consumption and subsequent driving , this is a personal responsibility.
I do not give zoom talks as I believe in personal contact with my audience. I do not charge for my talks or my travel time but I do charge a mileage fee of 0.45pence/mile. I also ask my host to make a donation to my chosen charity which is currently Parkinson's UK. I do not nominate the extent of the donation but please give generously as we may all need Parkinson's support in the years to come.

Road Scholar
Road Scholar is the nonprofit world leader in educational travel for older adults, offering learning adventures in all 50 states and nearly 100 countries, including shipboard adventures and grandparent-grandchild programs. The organization is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. From its founding in 1975 until 2010, Road Scholar was known as Elderhostel.
Introduction to Road Scholar   Travel with Road Scholar as an active learner, not a passive tourist. Every day is thoughtfully planned to open your eyes to new discoveries, ideas, and people. You’ll learn from expert faculty and meet others who share a love of learning and adventure.

Amy Barron
Amy Barron received her PhD from the University of Toronto in Mesopotamian history and archaeology. She has excavated in the Middle East and elsewhere and has travelled widely studying the archaeology of various remote parts of the world from Peru to China. She has also worked in the museum world for almost 30 years with a focus on public engagement and community partnerships. Dr. Barron has taught archaeology and ancient history at the University of Toronto, classics at the University of Guelph, and currently teaches Museum Studies at Fleming College. Her passion is sharing her enthusiasm for the past, often by weaving history and archaeology into other topics, please see some examples below.
Agatha Christie and Archaeology   If you don't know how these two are connected, then join me to learn how the great mystery novelist's life is revealed within the pages of her books. Her love of the Middle East and the life she lived with her famous archaeologist husband provided the basis for many of her greatest novels including Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile and Murder in Mesopotamia. Learn about her life, her travels and the mysteries of the ancient world she helped uncover.
Digger, Teacher, Soldier, Spy   What do archaeologists do when the world is at war? Surprisingly, many of them turn spy. During wartime, archaeologists on all sides have become involved with military intelligence, turning their in depth knowledge of the land and of the peoples they studied to support their countries at war. This was no more apparent than in the Middle East during the First World War where prominent archaeologists played a very political game. Some of these names, such as T. E. Lawrence, also known as Lawrence of Arabia, would become legendary. Others, when the war was over simply want back to their museums and their excavations.
I am happy to do presentations by Zoom or in person if distance allows. My minimum speaker's fee is $150.00 Canadian, but increases based on distance travelled beyond York/Durham region.

Marie Therese Rogers-Moloney
My name is Marie Therese Rogers-Moloney. I am the Author of the book (For the Sins of my Mother.) I put pen to paper while recovering from spinal surgery. There was a lot of rubbish in my head I needed rid off. Anyway almost twenty years later my book was published. I contacted organisations such as men and womens Probus. Queens University invited me twice to talk about my book. With the Covid19 and Pandemic the talks stopped. I sadly had further surgery on my spine but now back and ready or more talks.
For the sins of my mother.   The story is about a young woman who goes in search of her roots after being abandoned by her wealthy mother into an Orphanage in Belfast. Her book documents the cruelty and indignity Marie Therese was exposed to but also demonstrates the determination and resilience she found to establish a nursing career and trace her parents - parents the nuns told her didn't exist.
I can use zoom or in person locally. Normally £40.

Peter Gill
Peter was born and raised in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire but now lives in Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire. His first published works were of local, historical interest commencing with Cheltenham at War in 1994. Peter has been writing and producing for the theatre stage for the last twenty years - many of his productions he has performed in and continues to tour with. Amongst his successes are The Jerry Lee Lewis Story, Seance, Talbot House - a home from home, and Meet Tommy Atkins. The last two of these are inspired by his passionate interest in the Great War of 1914 - 1919. Peter is also a touring musician spending much of his work life in a variety of theatre shows which include: Politically Incorrect - The Songs of Tom Lehrer, An Evening with the Wit and Songs of Noel Coward, The Jerry Lee Lewis Story, alongside Anita Harris as her Musical Director and in his own play Meet Tommy Atkins. He also now gives a number of talks on a variety of subjects to clubs and groups throughout the U.K..
The Wit and Songs of Noel Coward   Born in 1899, Coward was an actor, writer, composer, director, producer, and in later life painter– and he excelled at them all. He said of himself ‘I am an enormously talented man, and there is no point in denying it’. This is a 45 minute reminder of that talent and some of the wonderful songs and wit of the ‘Master’ including Don’t Let’s Be Beastly To The Germans, Mrs Worthington, Mad About The Boy, There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner and Mad Dogs & Englishmen. This contains live music and visuals.
Surviving The Great War – The Songs, Humour and Words That Kept The Boys Going   A fifty minute presentation in words, music and visuals exploring how the Arts helped those embroiled in the devastation of the First World War to survive to the end of the day, or perhaps the week, or even to come home safely again. We’ll examine some of the Great War’s poetry, the songs that emerged and the wonderful satire which all worked to keep spirits up.
Talbot House - a Home From Home   Run by the cleric Tubby Clayton, Talbot House in Poperinge, Belgium, became the ‘haven in hell’ for many British servicemen during the Great War and ultimately the inspiration behind the Toc H Movement. This illustrated talk introduces us to the house which allowed men of all ranks and religion to find some home comforts and to escape from the sounds, sights and odours of war for just a little while.
Basic Fee (for 2024): £90 inclusive of all travel expenses. Zoom is a possibility. Other talks currently on offer: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Songs of Tom Lehrer, Private Godfrey's Real War etc. etc.

Thanh Campbell
Thanh was born in Vietnam and came over to Canada as part of the last flight out of Saigon in 1975 with 56 other orphan children. Their story was captured numerous times in the media. He has been invited to be a guest on such programs as CBC Radio, TVO, Canada AM, 100 Huntley Street, with chance to share his life story to the Nation. The 57 Orphans’ story has been covered by many newspapers including the Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, Saigon Newspaper, and included in the French Consulate Newsletter. Most recently Thanh has written his autobiography titled Orphan 32. Since then, Thanh has been invited to speak at numerous Business groups, conferences and schools across Canada as a keynote speaker sharing his story of coming to Canada. In 2014, Mr. Campbell was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow Award a prestigious award presented by the Rotary for those who efforts are commended in community building. Be prepared to hear this amazing story of the value of family, life and the power of love.
Lost and Found: The Story of Orphan 32   Thanh will share the complete story of being taken by mistake from Vietnam in 1975. You will relive the harrowing last flight out on the Hercules C130. A humourus and touching of his life of being adopted and rediscovering his past and how it set the course for his amazing future!
The Flight   After seeing the documentary, The Flight, by Mikaela Colville, audiences will hear the rest of the story by Thanh. Open for Q&A on the publishing of his two books and what exciting developments are coming next.
How to Write Your Memoir   Thanh will share his insights on how he came to write his memoir. What he learned about a biography vs a memoir. He will also provide some tools and insights to help others who may be interested in writing their story and having him publish it.
Ideally, the presentation is a live presentation. Thanh has transportation and can travel within the Province of Ontario. He is willing to travel to other provinces/countries if there are enough clubs in a region to visit within a short period of time for a mini-tour, accommodation is greatly appreciated when it is provided. Fees are negotiated with each club.

Peter Turner
My name is Pete Turner and I’ve been on the Guest Speaker circuit for almost 18 years. My topic is all about Mind Games and The psychology on the Art of Magic. I have up to eight presentations, all are informative, interesting, light hearted and with an element of humour.
Through the Eyes of a Magician   There is a mysterious world out there where sceptics can’t except that the impossible can happen, yet it does. This lecture is a fascinating presentation that will take you into the unknown and experience the impossible does happen, yet they can’t accept it, although it has happened in front of their eyes . This lecture also touches on the phycology behind the Art of Magic and there will be an illusion workshop where the audience will experience things that are not there.
SLEIGHT OF MIND - MIND GAMES   This fascinating lecture is what it says on the tin, MIND GAMES. This presentation is all about tricking the mind with amazing demonstrations and experiments. The beauty about this presentation, everyone can participate without getting out of their seat, although one or two volunteers will be required on a few demonstrations. This is a light hearted lecture with lots of magical twist and turns that make you think twice how our mind ticks.
HEADS I WIN - TAILS YOU LOSE   This is a very popular topic where you learn to become a winner, even when you lose. Oh yes, this is an amusing presentation to see how a magician can cut down the odds in a clever way to his favour to fool his punters.
Don't do Zoom meetings Fees from £65 to £200 depending on distance and day of the week

David Walmsley
Oxford educated historian and Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
The Cathars   The Cathars - an examination of the medieval heresy in the Languedoc and its religious and political implications. Was the heresy merely an excuse for the conquest of southern France by the north?
Henry V and the battle of Agincourt   Does Henry deserve his reputation as a great king and hero?
The 7 Years War   An examination of the impact of a war which can be described as the real first world war both in terms of its scope and its impact.
I have a range of over 25 talks all on historical subjects. I am available by ZOOM and the fee is negotiable but modest.

Prof. Colin Terrell
Colin Terrell is a Chartered Psychologist and an Emeritus Professor of Psychology. He is semi-retired but still works as a Consultant in hospitals in Oxford, Cheltenham and Harley Street London.
The Brain: and how Senior Citizens can best keep it working   The talk gives a non-jargon description of the basic functioning of the brain followed by a range of suggestions which research has indicated helps the brain to continue working in the over 65's. The talk is delivered using Power Point and includes some humour.
The huge changes in UK Lifestyle since the 1950   Those in the Senior Citizen age range have lived through more changes in lifestyle than any other generation. The talk outlines a number of the most dramatic of these changes and is delivered with Power Point and a lot of humour.
Good News versus Bad News: and which is winning?   Current news media focusses on bad news and tends to relegate good news to second place. The talk gives examples of pessimistic news items over the last 50 years which turned out to be misleading and comparing them to examples of hugely positive news items which have had far lower coverage. The talk is delivered using Power Point and includes a lot of humour.
I prefer to deliver talks in person although I have delivered talks using zoom. I have no fixed fee and am willing to deliver free talks. However, if the organisation has a standard fee I would like it to be donated to Maggie's which is a national charity with a branch in Cheltenham. Maggie’s helps people to take back control when cancer turns life upside down by providing professional support for anything from treatment side effects to money worries. Contact details are: The Lodge, Cheltenham General Hospital, College Baths Rd, Cheltenham, GL53 7QB cheltenham@maggies.org 01242 250611.

Barbara Dickson
Barbara Dickson is an award-winning, best-selling, multi-published author and sought-after professionally-trained speaker and local historian. She presents to myriad organizations such as retirement clubs and residences, charities, Canadian Royal Legions, and schools. Dickson's speaking platform mirrors her passions: bomb girls, Irish memorials, MS, and heart transplantation. Individually, she focuses on the invaluable contribution made by Canadian women -- bomb girls -- engaged in war work especially in munitions factories during the Second World War. She also brings awareness to important but little-known stories of nineteenth-century Canada including the impact  and legacy of Irish immigration. She, along with her husband have discovered over two hundred Irish memorials in Canada. From a medical standpoint, life with multiple sclerosis -- MS -- is another important topic in Dickson's speaking portfolio. Lastly, Dickson -- as a parent of the child who has undergone a heart transplant -- speaks about organ transplantation in Canada especially through her perspective as a mother.
Canada   Learn about one of Canada’s best kept secrets -- the vital work undertaken at a top secret munitions factory during WWII. The General Engineering Company (Canada) Ltd. employed over twenty-one thousand mostly young women and mothers who worked around the clock six days a week, risking their lives handling high explosives to fill ammunition for Canada's Allied forces. Come hear about these amazing, courageous women. What's more, learn about the over four-kilometre tunnel system built under the complex that still exists today.
Irish Memorials in Canada   The Irish people helped build Canada, but at a great cost. Countless died from poverty and disease, especially during the Great Hunger from 1845-1852. Tragically, tens of thousands more died upon Canada's shores before they had a chance to begin a new life. Even more tragically, many of their final resting places remain unmarked or unremembered today. Join Dickson in honouring the courage and tenacity of the Irish people and their lasting quiet legacy to Canada’s history.
An Immigrant’s Journey to Canada   Dickson presents a harrowing true-life account faced by future Canadians as they attempt to survive a two-month voyage to the New World upon the unforgiving and turbulent North Atlantic Ocean. Based on the diaries of David Cragg, an English immigrant who landed on Canada's shores in 1833. He and his family endured vicious storms, violent winds, rogue waves, cramped quarters, rationed food, and foul water.
Happy to do both virtual and in-person presentations (within Southern Ontario, Canada.) Please visit www.barbaradickson.ca for more presentation topics.

Dr. Adam Shoalts
Named "one of the greatest living explorers" by Canadian Geographic and CBC News, Adam Shoalts is a #1 national bestselling adventure author, archaeologist, historian, and full-time explorer-in-residence at the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Best known for his long solo journeys in some of the most remote wilderness areas on planet Earth, including completing a nearly 4,000 km canoe journey alone across Canada's Arctic, Shoalts is a regular guest on TV and radio. His expeditions include mapping rivers, searching for lost explorers and historic ruins, tracking endangered species, and spending months alone in the wilderness entirely off the grid. His national bestselling books include A History of Canada in 10 Maps, Beyond the Trees: A Journey Alone Across Canada's Arctic, The Whisper on the Night Wind, and Alone Against the North. He is one of Canada's most popular speakers, with hundreds of requests for talks every year.
Alone Across Canada   A presentation about Shoalts's nearly 4,000 km solo journey across Canada's Arctic by canoe. This is "social distancing" in the extreme, including months without even seeing another human being. The journey is the subject of the bestselling and award winning book Beyond the Trees. Presentation includes photos and videos.
A History of Canada in 10 Maps   The award-winning book A History of Canada in 10 Maps is one of the bestselling Canadian history books of the 21st century. Taking a radically different approach to the past, the book tells the story of the land that would become Canada through ten historic maps spanning almost a thousand years. The story is not so much about the maps, as the flesh and blood characters behind them. To write the book, Shoalts retraced thousands of kilometres of routes all across Canada, by canoe, snowshoe, and on foot to bring the past to life. A perfect presentation for anyone who thinks Canadian history is dull. Presentation includes photos and historic art work.
The Whisper on the Night Wind: Solving a Historic Wilderness Mystery   Based on the national bestselling and award-winning book of the same name, this presentation focuses on Shoalts's expedition for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society to the ancient mountains of Labrador. The objective of the expedition was to try to locate the ruins of a historic fur post and solve a mystery connected with it, using clues from archival sources. It is an adventure that will keep audiences guessing until the end, brought to life with stunning photographs and expedition clips.
Inquiry via email: admin@adamshoalts.com

Brad Ashton
For fifty five years I wrote well over 1,000 radio and TV shows. Most were for the UK, but I also wrote topTV series in seven other countries. Among the British comedians I wrote TV series for were Tommy Cooper, Les awson, Dick Emery, Frankie Howerd, Bruce Forsyth, Hylda Baker, David Frost and Bob Monkhouse. Early in my career I was Head Writer for the great Groucho Marx. In addition to comedy I wrote 144 BBC radio shows about law and 60 BBC radio shows exposing scams. I have had five comedy books published, plus a Daleks Annual.
THE JOB OF A LAUGHTIME   In this hour-long talk I tell humorous backstage stories about the many star name comedians I have written TV series for.. In addition to getting laughs, I reveal some startling facts about many of the performers I had the pleasure (and sometimes displeasure), of working with.
HOW COMEDY IS CREATED   This hour long talk shows how we comedy writers create comedy out of everyday situations, or news items, or looking at things from an unusual angle. We often play on a comedian's own peculiarities such as Ronnie Corbett;s shortness, Jo Brand's obesity or Juian Clary's gayness as the subject for humour. I demonstrate how almost every subject can provide the basis for comedy.
SO YOU THINK YOU CAN   I start this hour by talking about how stars such as Bob Monhouse, Max Bygraves, Alfred Marks, Terry Thomas, Harry Secombe and Les Dawson fell victim to scams. Then I tell of the three scams I myself was caught by before resarching the subject and writing sixty half hour BBC radio shows called PRO'S & CONS in which I exposed three new scams per show. It is a very seious subject, but I tend to treat it in a light hearted fashion to keep it entertaining,.
Most of my talks are now on zoom. I only do in-person talks in the London area. My fee for a zoom talk is £75 and £150 plus travel for an in-person talk in the London area..

Sam Passi
Hello, my name is Sam (short for Sumant) and I am the owner and founder of Silvertime Legal. I am a Qualified Estate planning Practitioner with over 15 years of experience. We are an Estate Planning service that provide problem solutions and raise awareness towards Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), Inheritance Tax (IHT), and how to protect your assets against care etc. As the Laws frequently change it is worth listening to our speakers so you are aware of any recent changes. Our help and guidance will ensure you are able to protect your estate for your family’s future. Taking the correct steps now means that you do not pass in intestacy law, which is when the government determines how your estate is distributed, and they will decide who benefits from it. My job is to ensure you are able to protect your estate for your family’s future.
Tax Care & The New Guy   This covers the topic of care and how we as individuals have over £23,250 we will be expected to pay for our own long-term care fees. Due to this, hundreds of houses are sold every day to cover the costs of our long-term care fees. Our speakers will discuss the different options available to us that may benefit certain individuals and help you safeguard your assets such as a family home. Then there is the New Guy! What our speakers mean by the New Guy is what happens if there is a re-marriage, and you want to protect your assets to ensure they are left in the hands of those you have chosen to benefit, rather than into the pockets of someone else. This is known as Sideways Disinheritance. Additionally, they will touch up on the subject of how to protect your assets and how a Will alone is not sufficient and what the following steps are and which Will is the right Will for you. Our expert speakers are aware that the topic of this talk can seem daunting and bleak. However, our speakers have a way of delivering this talk that never fails to get a few laughs out of the audience members. They will deliver this talk in a light-hearted, yet respectful manner. I offer a free consultation where I can visit you at a convenient time in the comfort and privacy of your own home, without any obligation to go further. I am not a salesman, I simply want to raise awareness on such a crucial topic as it is often forgotten about, especially when statistics show that over 31 million people in the UK do not have a valid Will or even planned the distribution of their assets. If this sounds like something your group would be interested in, then please do not hesitate to email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible, and be happy to help however I can.
We are completely free of charge. We are happy to do the talks on both zoom and in person. Our office is based in Nuneaton

Dr Swee Tan
Dr Swee T Tan ONZM MBBS FRACS PhD Originally from Malaysia, Dr Tan studied medicine at the University of Melbourne and trained as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New Zealand. Following a Craniofacial Fellowship at Oxford and Craniofacial Research Fellowship in Boston, he was appointed Consultant Plastic & Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgeon at Hutt Hospital in 1995, where he was the Director of Plastic Surgery 2000-2006 and Director of Surgery 2007-2013. He founded the Centre for the Study & Treatment of Vascular Birthmarks, a supra-regional referral centre, in 1996, and was awarded a PhD by the University of Otago in 2001 for his work in strawberry birthmark. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute. He is an elected member of 13 national and international medical and scientific societies. He was the past President of the Australian and New Zealand head and Neck Cancer Society 2008-2010 and the Founding Chair of the New Zealand Head and Neck Cancer Foundation Aotearoa. Well-known internationally for his research in vascular birthmarks and cancer, Dr Tan is a recipient of 20 science prizes and 25 honours and awards including Wellingtonian of the Year – Science and Technology, KEA World Class New Zealand Award, and ONZM. He is an author of over 215 book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles, and has delivered over 400 presentations at international conferences.
Old Weapons for New Battles   In this presentation, Dr Tan will outline his team’s discovery of the stem cell origin of strawberry birthmark and the involvement of a regulatory system - the renin-angiotensin system - which underscore the effective, low-cost treatment using oral anti-hypertensive medications. They apply this knowledge to their investigation of cancer, based on the cancer stem cell concept. Using the queen bee analogy Dr Tan outlines their discoveries that lead to a phase I clinical trial in glioblastoma – a devastating form of brain cancer – using a combination of off-patient commonly available oral medications. Based on the promising results of this phase I clinical trial Dr Tan’s team is embarking on a phase II glioblastoma clinical trial, subject to funding. Dr Tan will highlight the implications of drug re-purposing , using Old Weapons for New Battles.
Happy for this presentation to be over zoom, or in person (depending on locality). Donation to Gillies McIndoe Research Institute for any presentation is appreciated.

Simon Manning
Simon Manning is the Probus Rotary Chair and is a brilliant speaker. He is a Funeral Director and is part of an elite group who are called on to fly anywhere in the world to assist when there is a disaster. He spoke to my club and touched briefly amongst other things on the handling of the victims of the Christchurch Mosque attack. As you can imagine there were religious protocols to be observed. He has also returned the bodies of servicemen to NZ, and has been involved in overseas major disasters. His talk is not morbid and when he spoke of the rituals for some religions, I found that fascinating. Have told my husband I too want to be bathed with red wine before being interred! He is a remarkable man who must have seen so many horrific things, but who still shows great love, and compassion when talking about his work in that specialised field. Simon has spoken to a number of Probus clubs and all have commented on how great his talk was. I do recommend him as someone to go on the list. His contact details are : Simon Manning, simon@funeral-link.co.nz mobile +21830022 Cheers liz
Disaster Response - The Funeral Directors Role   This talk will explore the various roles and experiences Simon has been involved with for an international team of funeral personnel while attending incidents in Nauru, Cameroon, Amsterdam, and Indonesia. The repatriation of people following aircraft accidents, and othe incidents is interesting and for Simon a very fulfilling role. This talk can be focused on one incident or cover them all.
New Zealand Funeral Disaster Response Team   This talk covers how Simon's role as National Co-ordinator of the NZ Funeral Disaster Response Team, dealt with the major NZ Disaster incidents - Christchurch Earthquake, the Mosque Shooting, White Island Eruption - few NZer's know of the existence of this team and how and why they operate. The stories shared show a level of caring that gently goes on behind the scenes as they assist the family members from these national disasters.
Te Auraki - The Return   During 2018, 35 New Zealand service personnel and dependants who were buried abroad since January 1st 1955, were returned to their loved ones in New Zealand. This is the story of the repatriation of these 34 adults and 1 child from 6 countries around the world. This presentation is about Te Auraki - The Return.
I am happy to do this presentation via Zoom or in person.

Peter Dunn OAM
Peter Dunn OAM is a retired electrical engineer who worked in the electricity industry in Queensland, Australia for 45 years. Peter is the Webmaster of the popular Australia @ War web site which contains everything you would want to know about military activities in Australia during WWII. Peter's research has made him realise that very few authors and historians have covered much detail about events that actually occurred inside Australia during WWII.
Military Locations in Brisbane during WWII   Brisbane, in south east Queensland, Australia was a large military base during WWII, yet very little is known about the extent of the military camps in the area.
Use of Military Radio in Australia during WWII   Australia was part of General Douglas MacArthur's Southwest Pacific Area theatre of war. MacArthur and his command needed to communicate with the Chiefs of Staff and the President back in the United States, the various Base Sections in Australia and New Guinea, and various theatre commanders in forward area. To achieve this a number of wireless transmitting and receiving stations were erected to form a transoceanic wireless network know as the Army Command and Administrative Network.
Is that a Zero over Brisbane?   The Allied Technical Air Intelligence Unit rebuilt captured Japanese aircraft inside Hangar 7 at Eagle Farm Airfield in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia during WWII. They rebuilt a Zero, a Tony and an Oscar and test flew them to determine their strengths and weaknesses.
A small fee is charged for in-person or Zoom presentations. I do have a number of other WWII talks available, such at "Women @ War, Air Defence Systems in Australia in 1942, Townsville @ War, etc.

Myriam Nafte
As a forensic anthropologist, Dr. Myriam Nafte is an active advisor and consultant for criminal casework across North America. She received a Specialized Honors BA in Medical Anthropology from York University, a BEd degree in Science from Brock University, and completed an MA and PhD in Physical Anthropology [Skeletal Biology] at McMaster University. Currently, Nafte is an instructor at McMaster University where she teaches upper-level courses in Death and Dying, Global Health, Infectious Disease, and Narratives of Health an Illness. Nafte is the author of numerous articles and books including Flesh and Bone: An Introduction to Forensic Anthropology; Crime and Measurement: Methods in Forensic Investigation; The Skin of Murder Victims [Editor], and the forthcoming anthology Trophies and Talismans: The Traffic of Human Remains
Crime and Measurement   The evolving field of forensics has no difficulty keeping up with increasingly sophisticated crimes. Here we begin with an overview of the specialists tasked with criminal investigations, and the most up to date technology used to process an array of death scenes and physical evidence.
Bones are Forever   Due to the durability of bone, it can be recovered in various conditions and still offer vital information. Find out how human remains are assessed, and the role of a forensic anthropologist in determining the sequence of events at a death scene.
The Time of Your Life   The Time of Your Life In determining the forensic significance of human remains, it is critical to establish the context of time. Were the remains deposited last week or a thousand years ago? Here we explore the many clues and procedures that define the context of a burial and the subsequent direction of all death investigations.
Fees are negotiable depending on the length of each presentation. Myriam has 7 other talks that all sound interesting. Contact her directly to learn more. BIO [PDF] - Lecture List [PDF]"

Bob Sinfield
I'm an actor, writer and freelance waster with 40+ years' experience of showing off in public. I've worked with a number of celebrities whose names I like to drop whenever possible. My talks are not profound, erudite nor remotely grown-up. The plan is to entertain. It's been successful so far in that all my audiences have let me live.
THE GAG TRADE (Misadventures in TV & Radio Comedy)   Bob Sinfield spent 25 years scripting every star on the box, from Lenny Henry and Jasper Carrott to Tracey Ullman and Rory Bremner.  Now he tells all about the life of a jobbing jokesmith and the celebs he tried to ‘gag’.
THE GREAT UNWATCHED (Wit & Wisdom on the Wireless)   Broadcaster Bob Sinfield affectionately nibbles the hand that fed him for 35 years: the radio.  Expect tales of disastrous interviews with stars like Rupert Everett (“I don’t want to talk about that”) and the oldest inhabitant of Tunbridge Wells (“I dunno nothing about Tunbridge Wells”), plus a chance for you to become the next big voiceover (Ts & Cs apply). 
BOB MONKHOUSE - WHO KNEW?   A merry trawl through the eventful life of a great British comedian, including quiz questions and maybe even a modest prize. 
Zoom (£80) and in-person (£80 + 50p per mile). Other talks:- PETER SELLERS AT SEA (the actor's most disastrous movie, funny for the wrong reasons) BLASTS FROM THE PAST (the art of playing notorious historical figures on stage) GENTLEMAN OF JAZZ (the colourful life of trombonist and comedian George Chisholm) DEAD & BREAKFAST (a one-man performance of a risible whodunit)
Contact: 07956 397595 or doctorsinuk@yahoo.co.uk.

Roger Woodard
I live in Oulton Broad, Suffolk, England with my Wife Jeanette. I enjoy meeting people and visiting clubs etc to present the Talks that I do. These talks are designed not to suffer death by Powerpoint/Keynote but to engage with my audience. The principle that I follow is 'My Audience will only be interested if I am interesting'. Communicator, Presenter & Life Strategist. With a clear but simple mission of helping and inspiring others, rWtalks is a proud to be a Speaker that is known for making a memorable impact. My unique approach combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm makes my talks perfect for a large variety of audiences and events. By providing with the right tools and knowledge, rWtalks has helped countless people understand unique untold stories, insights into my role within the UK Extractive industry which paved the way towards both personal and professional success. Get in touch with me to learn more.
Angels in Drab   This Talk came about when visiting Papua New Guinea and discovering within the Port Moresby 'Bomana' Commonwealth War Cemetery the headstone of Sister Marie Eileen Craig (1913-1946) who was an Australian Nurse. 1946, the Douglas DC-3 “Dakota” aircraft in which she was travelling, and carrying patients back home from Biak (Indonesia) to Townsville, Australia, crashed into Mountains of West Irian (Papua New Guinea). The 9 crew members, Sister Craig, and also the 27 Australian soldiers, all sadly perished in the horrific air crash. This prompted me when back in the UK to research the full story of Marie Eileen Craig and then producing a Talk covering Nursers Roles from around the world during WW2. Hence the title Angels in Drab (Drab being a military term).
A Soldiers 500 Day Odyssey   The 45th Infantry Division of the United States Army, in World War 2 had more combat days than any other U.S. unit and served in Sicily, Salerno, Anzio, Southern France, Rhineland, and Central Europe. This is about one man's part in what he called 500 days. Felix Sparks came from the ‘Dust Bowl’. Miami, Arizona. Born August 2nd 1917. Sparks took off to San Antonio and found himself joining the Army. Becoming a Corporal in the US. Army Coast Guard Artillery at Camp Kamehameha, 1936. He returned back to resume his college qualifications, and after this he returned back to Officers training summer camp in early 1940. September 1940 he received a letter ‘Greetings’ letter informing him he was being called for active service. Sparks joined the 157th Regiment, 45th Infantry Division serving as a 2nd Lieutenant. He loathed his time a Fort Sill but admired his Commander Colonel Charles Ankcom (a Flanders veteran)… Also this year he married his Wife Mary. (Becoming pregnant as he just left). Sparks left Hampton Roads, Virginia on the USS Charles Carol, a 500ft Transport ship. There was debate as to where they were heading to France or via the Panama Canal to the Pacific. He ended in landing in Sicily, onto Salerno into the toe of Italy towards Naples. Soon after he was wounded and then sent back to Algiers. From this he managed to get back to Italy to join his Company at Anzio. Then onto St. Maxime, France to head towards eventually Nuremberg thinking at this point the war was nearly over for him he then received a message from divisional level ordering him to secure was described as a “concentration camp” Located on the outskirts of a town called Dachau! Upon returning to civilian life, Sparks attended the University of Colorado Law School, graduating in 1947. After opening a law practice in Delta, Colorado, he was elected district attorney there, running as the Democratic Party candidate. Following his reelection loss in 1952, Governor Ed Johnson appointed him to fill an unexpired term on the Colorado Supreme Court. At the end of that term, he returned to his law practice in Delta. He was also in the Colorado Army National Guard, notably during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and, between 1968 and 1979 served as its commander, retiring with the rank of Brigadier General. On September 25, 2007, 8 weeks past his 90th birthday, Felix Lawrence Sparks died in Colorado from complications due to pneumonia.
Life as a Occupational Health & Safety Officer   After spending most of my career in the UK Extractive Industry I was asked to be at the time the Health & Safety Advisor for the RMC Aggregates Division based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. Always having a positive stance for ensuring H & S was at the forefront I accepted this role and there on in for the next 14 years became a Qualified Occupational, Health & safety Professional. In this role I talk about why it's so important to get the workforce engaged in being proactive in H & S, equally that the business leaders must be visible in their actions as well. The downside being that accidents occurred and this is discussed in my talk, and why such accidents need to be investigated. There is some light hearted moments relating to people's perception in the workplace and generally with the everyday public, e.g. 'O you're one of them'. Key is not to take anything personally.
I can also be contacted via Facebook, Twitter: @RogerOB49 and Linkedin. My fee starts from £45 and cost incurred for travelling within a radius of approximately 100 miles. There is a flat rate for delivering talks over the media platform. I have all my own equipment if not available locally. rogerwoodard@icloud.com, +44 7397192299 Other talks available are: The History of the UK Extractive Industry (How this has changed over time).‘Perception and Reality’ Why the Extractive Industry is so important to the UK Economy. Especially now after CV-19. Investigating Major Accidents, Why it's so important. Piper Alpha, Lessons Learnt? Bluewater Horizon Disaster, Profit over Caution? The ‘Pennyvenie' Incident (Scottish Coal Major Accident) What is a Quarry? (This explains the how a quarry starts, produces to its restoration). Leadership, Good & Bad Europe and the Aftermath in 1945. ’The Battle for Moscow’. The Untold Story of the Battle for ‘Smolensk, 1943’. Most can also be presented over media platforms such as Zoom/Teams. Can possibly also do short notice if asked. I offer talks, presentations and lecture on different subjects. These talks are not about me, they are about real events and people. Regarding lectures. These relate to specific subject on Human Behaviour in Occupational Health & Safety. “I appreciate some talks I do, may not be to everyone's liking, but usually people are quite surprised when it comes to perception rather than fact”.

Tony Griffith
My name is Tony Griffith and am a Member of The Inner Magic Circle. If you log on to my web site you can obtain further information about my background and my talk. You will also be able to print off a copy of my current leaflet.
The Art of The Magician   The Art of The Magician is a visual talk presentation that explores various various aspects of the magician's art in an entertaining way. As well as showing some of the tricks of the trade Tony will also talk about some of the famous magicians of yesteryear, such as Houdini, Chan Canasta, The Piddingtons, Tommy Cooper et al Questions are invited. My only requirements will be a couple of tables of about card table size
Fee for a Zoom talk is £100 Fee for a live, in person talk within 50 miles of my home town of Bristol varies between £60 - £80 depending on distance plus petrol costs. Email: tony@tonygriffith.co.uk. Phone 01275 835463

Alan Barker
I am an ex-Fleet Air Arm aircraft engineer with an abiding passion for Military History, borne out of a family which included a father who served for 26 years in the British Army and two other brothers who followed him into the Army. An author, who has written several historical novels and a keen salmon angler.
Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918   A talk of the effects on the world following the outbreak of what came to be known as the 'Spanish Flu' epidemic of 1918, following the global track of the disease from the Western Front of the Great War to the outer reaches of the world.
Armistice Day 1918.   What is an Armistice and how did it come into being on the 11th November 1918. This talk illustrates the cause and effect of the Armistice of that time, following the tracks of a local Scottish Battalion, the 5th Gordon Highlanders and what the Armistice meant to them.
Gardening in the North Sea.   During WW2 Bomber Command and the Fleet Air Arm kept up a little-known campaign of mine-laying from the air along the coast of Occupied Europe, designed to harass and sink as much enemy shipping as possible and disrupt the German's vital supply lines.
No Fee required. Just a cup of coffee and a nice bun!

Jim Stebbings
I have had an interest and the theatre, and especially the musical theatre all my life. Since my retirement from a career that took me around the world I have been able to pursue my theatrical interest. This has been in the form as a performer, manager, producer and director, including organising musical and cultural events. It has also enabled me to produce a number of talks, mostly around my theatrical interest.
The Topsy-Turvy World of Gilbert and Sullivan   Illustrated with music from some of their fourteen comic operas, this talk also examines the lives of these remarkable men both before and after their success with the Savoy Operas. It also follows their often stormy and uncomfortable relationship and that with Richard D'Oyly Carte, the third member of their partnership. It's a story of great success, jealousy, mistrust, drugs and sex!
A Very English Dynasty - Four Generations of the D   Following from the story of G&S, this follows the remarkable D'Oyly Carte family over four generations from the mid-19th century to the late 20th century. It's a story of huge achievement, but also failure and tragedy. We learn of the huge legacy that this family left London and the world.
The American Cultural Influences on Post-War Britain.   Anyone growing up in the days following the end of World War 2 will be aware of some of the influences of the USA on our lives. These influences include what we watched, what we heard, what we bought and what we ate. With a few musical extracts it's a journey of nostalgia. We also look at what cultural influences flowed in the opposite direction.
By Zoom £40.00. In person £50.00 plus travel expenses. See my website for my other talks which are; The Centenarian of Song - The Legend That Is Irving Berlin. The Magnificent Seven - America's Great Songwriters For The Great American Songbook. Through The Stage Door - A Tour of Six Iconic London Theatres Lusitania - The Loss Of This Great Cunard Liner in WW1 Sentiments of Christmas - Your Start to Christmas with words and music

Chris Helme
Chris Helme - for 30 years was a serving Police Officer and awarded the British Empire Medal in 1990 for his service in the community He has written eight books both through commissions and self-published books on subjects including local history, brass band nostalgia and one taking a light-hearted look at his policing career. The police book has now been turned into an audiobook, which is available through worldwide audiobook libraries and online through audiobook websites. He wrote a weekly nostalgia column in his local newspaper for 30 years and has also written many articles for UK local and regional magazines. When the newspaper column came to an end in June 2018 he started to produce and still publishes his own local history / nostalgia quarterly magazine. For over 25 years, he taught local history adult community, classes. In recent years, he taught older people how to use a mobile phone, basic computer skills, as well as teaching the same basic computer skills to job seekers and he was a reminiscence workshop facilitator for 20 years. During the mid-1980s, he was beginning to be in demand as a speaker outside his usual job-related presentations and has now developed a style that can both inform and entertain. His presentations have often been described as ‘Infotainment’. He has developed a presentational style that can both conjure laughter and melancholy through his various subjects that have been appreciated by many local groups. He is a regular speaker at Luncheon Clubs, Rotary Clubs and Probus Clubs throughout Yorkshire and averages 70 presentations annually. He has also been a guest speaker on cruise ships. He has been the producer and presenter of Sunday Bandstand since its inception in 2007. This is his two-hour brass band radio programme which is now available through 14 community radio stations including here in the UK and overseas. He is also available to do zoom PowerPoint presentations. enquiries@chrishelme-brighouse.org.uk www.chrishelme.brighouse.org.uk
So, you want to be a Pirate?   The life of a Caribbean Pirate was not all it appeared. Did all pirate captains wear a black eye patch? I presented this on a cruise ship in the Caribbean and it has become very popular since. This has elements of history, nostalgia, humour and even a couple of small segments of music. [More Info]
The World of Brass Bands   Having been in brass bands for over 50 years both as a player and an administrator, and having a brass band radio programme since 2007 – I will take you on a journey through the history of brass bands. This has elements of history, nostalgia, humour and even a couple of small segments of music. [More Info]
All in a Day’s Work   During the 1950s Chris Helme was often asked by elderly relatives 'what do you want to be when you grow up' - a policeman was always his answer. A child of the 50s he was brought up to see, know and respect the local police who seemed to know everybody and often seemed to know more about you than you knew about yourself - that was the job for him. Having no 0'levels would be his first problem, then being colour blind to finally being accepted in Leeds City police only to leave twelve months later to join the police in Bradford. By 1975 he was in the West Yorkshire Police achieving his ambition of being a policeman not just in his home town of Brighouse but the local policeman on the same housing estates he grew up on. This story is his journey to achieving that ambition culminating with being awarded the British Empire Medal for services to his community in 1990. Being the local bobby, you had to deal with everything that happened on your 'patch', this story takes the listener through a catalogue of sad, humorous and almost unbelievable incidents in the life of this local bobby. This has elements of history, nostalgia, humour and even a couple of small segments of music. [More Info]
Fees from £50 (negotiable for PROBUS Clubs). There are many more talks listed on my website. Email: enquiries@Chrishelme-brighouse.org.uk

Lianne Harris
~~ WHO I AM:~~ A Social Studies / History Specialist with the Toronto District School Board, Canada's largest school board and 3th largest school board in North America, and curriculum advisor for Canada's premier Upper Canada College, Lianne has taught over 100,000 teachers and students (usually in authentic period clothing). Her love of history has involved her in various projects such as the Freedman Bank Records for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and curriculum development and business start-ups in India. In 2003, she was selected as one of Toronto’s Women of Influence and in 2009 was invited to be a contributing author of the Canadian best-seller business/self-help book, 'The Power of Women United'. You may also find her on Princess and Celebrity cruise ships as their history lecturer. Appearing on TV and being interviewed on the radio many times, she is always happy to have a live or virtual audience.

~~ WHAT I DO: ~~~ I deliver adult education presentations and discussion topics especially suited for a mature audience who wants to be educated and stimulated while being entertained. I skip all the 'boring bits' about history and head right into all the relevant, enriching 'juicy stuff' people want to know--or wish they knew--when in school. With myself in authentic period clothing that matches the topic and sets the tone, together we embark on an enlightened journey, peppered with humour, that finds a 'sweet spot' between lecture, performance, education and entertainment.
ROYAL SCANDALS   Gossip, intrigue, love affairs, clandestine meetings, mystery children! Some royal scandals were nothing more than juicy tittle-tattling or passing fancies--but some were real ‘game changers’. Tiptoe around the British court for 1-hour with Lianne Harris and with chop-licking anticipation, uncover those true scandals that really did change history.
THE ROARING 20s   It was the golden time of the speakeasies and the Silent Era, when life was the Bee’s Knees and fashion and music was the Cat’s Pajamas. Its era had no precedent and its place in history marks it as the most revolutionary decade this last century. It was an era bigger than life, louder than convention--it was the Roaring 20’s!
THE SILK ROAD   Come take a 12,000 km trek in time and follow the Silk Road--the ancient superhighway connecting Asia to Europe. Along this fabled route we trudge our camel caravan from market to market, acquainting ourselves with unfamiliar peoples and customs, strange spices, luxurious goods, and unforgettable stories.
I have over 45 topics (e.g. THE VICTORIANS, THE STORY OF LONDON, THE SECRET LIFE OF ROMANS, THE HISTORY OF HYGIENE, BELLA ITALIA, FROM PARIS WITH LOVE, THE VIKINGS, THE TURKISH HAREM, THE LUCK O' THE IRISH, FAMOUS LOVERS, INDIGENOUS CANADA, THE MAYA, AZTEC & INCA--to name a few). Please see my website. You are welcome to request a downloadable catalogue of topics. Fees are: $200 for ZOOM and $250 if IN-PERSON (within 1 hour drive of Toronto, Canada). Beyond that distance, please inquire. My email is: liannerr@gmail.com. Thank you for your consideration!

Terry Winship
Terry has a BCom and spent 30 years in IT working in Sweden, Lesotho, China, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Belgium as well as Bloemfontein! At the age of 50 Terry took a 'gap' year and travelled around the world. On her return she moved to the hamlet of Nieu Bethesda in the Eastern Cape and opened an award-winning restaurant and guest house. Terry is now on her 3rd career as a professional speaker and bespoke trainer based in Cape Town.
Lessons From Her Around the World Trip.   Be enthralled as Terry shares the life lessons she learned while travelling around the world for 366 days; as a single mom with her 9-year-old daughter.
Christmas on Easter Island.   Enjoy insights and stories about one of the world’s most mysterious places by somebody who fell in love and dreams of going back as soon as she can. Terry shares the legends, the disasters, and the challenges
Just Stop!   What little thing can you do every day that will improve your health, your relationships, your optimism and your brain functioning. Terry shares the secret to turning over a new leaf.

Richard Furlong
President of PROBUS Global and The Newmarket Men’s PROBUS Club. Past President of PROBUS Canada.
PROBUS Global.   Presentation available on PROBUS Global, using PowerPoint, starting with the history of PROBUS, the first global organization, International PROBUS Network, which, in 2019, was converted to PROBUS Global. Will discuss the amazing growth of PROBUS Global from 30 members to the membership we have today. Will review the team in 2019 that had the vision to create PG and the plan they developed to make PG an important part of members around the world. How the website is an important communication tool for our members and the many programs from the site that members can use. The circulation of the Quarterly PG newsletters with input from members around the globe and how members have contact systems to communicate with other members world wide. Many parts of our PG network are using speakers from other countries for club meetings, leading to the formation of our Speakers Corner. PG certainly have made the world smaller for our membership.
No fees. Available on Zoom and in person on short notice.

Paul Wylesol
Paul Wylezol is a resident of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, where he grew up enjoying the spectacular scenery and geology of Western Newfoundland. He has an Honours Philosophy degree from McGill University and a keen interest in the philosophical implications of climate change and the carbon cycle.
Title: Cabox: A Study In Plate Tectonics and Global Geoparks   Paul introduces us to Geoparks, a unified area with a geological heritage of international significance which use that heritage to promote awareness of key issues facing society in the context of our dynamic planet as he connects the parks in Europe to the Appalachian Trail via Newfoundland.
International Appalachian Trail   For the past ten years Paul has been chairperson of the International Appalachian Trail (IAT), during which time the renowned trail brand expanded throughout much of Western Europe, where it passes through or near several UNESCO Global Geoparks and Aspiring Geoparks. Since 2015, he has been chairperson of Cabox Aspiring Geopark which spans much of the Humber Arm Allochthon and Bay of Islands Ophiolite Massifs in Western Newfoundland, which were a proving ground for the modern theory of plate tectonics during the 1960’s and 70’s.
Captain James Cook 250 Commemoration   During the past four years Paul has also been creator and coordinator of JamesCook250.org, an international website dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the exploits of renowned surveyor, cartographer and explorer James Cook, from his mapping of Newfoundland to his voyages across the Pacific Ocean and around the world
No fee

Sue and Dave Williams
Sue Williams earned a degree in occupational therapy from Queen’s University and practised OT for over thirty years. In 2016, she left the health care field to focus on completing her memoir, Ready to Come About, published by Dundurn Press, Toronto. She is currently working on her second book, a novel based on her experiences working in the home care field. David Williams worked in industry as a management accountant for thirty years, following which he taught accounting and finance at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario for ten years until retirement. Sue and David live in Guelph, Ontario.
An Adventure on the High Seas and the Journey Within   When Sue set sail for the North Atlantic, it wasn’t a mid-life crisis. She had no affinity for the sea. And she didn’t have an adventure-seeking bone in her body. In the wake of a perfect storm of personal events, it suddenly became clear: her sons were adults now; they needed freedom to figure things out for themselves; she had to get out of their way. And it was now or never for her husband, David, to realize his dream to cross an ocean. So she’d go, too. Sue and David present the story of their improbable and often perilous year on the high-seas, through which they grew to believe that there is no gift more precious than the liberty to chart one’s own course, and that risk is a good thing … sometimes at least. Sue reads from her memoir, Ready to Come About, and, with David, presents a slide show of their life-altering voyage.
Fees are negotiable depending on circumstances and the opportunity to sell Sue's book: Ready to Come About. Sue and David's presentations to numerous PROBUS Clubs have all been successes.

Nick French
Nick French is one of our own PROBUS Global members and our Southern Africa Coordinator. His presentations have never failed to entertain and inform. The talks last from 30 to 60 minutes and can be tailored to fit your meeting needs. Nick is truly a professional and thoroughly enjoys researching interesting topics and presenting them for your enjoyment. Select your favourite subject from his own website.
The Advent of Open-Heart Surgery.     New! In August, 2021, the Newmarket Club enjoyed his talk about The Advent of Open-Heart Surgery. Open heart surgery only really became possible after the invention of the blood oxygenator, forerunner of what is today known as the heart lung machine. Walton Lillehei of the University of Minnesota was instrumental in its development and application. In this talk I share the role he and others played in advancing open heart surgery in the last century.
The Life and Times of Chris Barnard.   In performing the worlds first heart transplant, Chris Barnard was far more than a successful heart surgeon . In this talk I share some of the less commonly known, but extremely valuable contributions he made to medicine, as well as some of his more daring exploits with the opposite sex!
Heroes and Villains of the Titanic.   I take the audience on the Titanic's journey from the moment she was conceived until after her demise. As with most catastrophes, blame is seldom apportioned to one individual. At the same time heroes emerge. During this highly informative talk I expose who was responsible for the demise of the Titanic and who came to her rescue.
Nick is available for in-person and Zoom presentations. His reasonable fee is donated to charity. He has many more talks listed on his web page.

Peter Jennings
Peter is the webmaster for PROBUS Global. He has visited 130 countries and lived in quite a few. For 17 years, his passion in life was flying his paraglider off various mountain-tops around the world in search of the perfect flight.
Microstates   There are 20 sovereign nations in the United Nations that are smaller than your town. How do they survive? Peter lived in Andorra for 13 years. Hear about what it is like to live in a tiny country nobody has heard of.
Thinking Machines   What is Artificial Intelligence? The history of artificial intelligence and the latest breakthroughs of 2023 by the author of the first commercial chess playing program. A short 15 minute talk on how to solve a Rubik's Cube in a few minutes is also available.
Look! Up in the Air! An Introduction to Free Flight.   Paragliding was Peter's compelling passion for 17 years. Why? How do paragliders work? How high can they fly? How long can they stay up? What is the difference between paragliding and parasailing? Or hang gliding? Or parachuting? A 15 minute teaser talk or a 45 minute presentation. Sometimes funny. Sometimes scary.
By Zoom or in person. Donation to PROBUS Global accepted.
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