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Most of the 4,000 PROBUS clubs publish a regular newsletter. You can keep up with what your fellow Probians are doing by reading the public ones at any time. Find new ideas to suggest for your own club activities or just enjoy the jokes. A sense of humour seems to be a global Probian trait.

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National Newsletters

Canada [PDF] June 2021
Older issues

Australia [Screen] [PDF] August 2021
Older issues.

Southern Africa

Links to blogs from Japanese PROBUS clubs.

Local Newsletters

The best newsletters suggested by PROBUS Global members:

Tokai South Africa - July 2019 [PDF]

Hyderabad India - Club Introduction [PDF]
Hyderabad India - May 2018 [PDF]
Hyderabad India - May 2019 [PDF]

PROBUS Association of Queensland, Australia
August 2021 [PDF]
May 2021 [PDF]
February 2021 [PDF]
October 2020 [PDF]
May 2020 [PDF]

Glenmore Park Australia - Monthly
Hunters Hill, NSW, Australia 2018-CURRENT
Holland Park Australia - August 2021 [PDF]
Holland Park Australia - July 2021 [PDF]
Holland Park Australia - June 2021 [PDF]
Holland Park Australia - May 2021 [PDF]
Holland Park Australia - April 2021 [PDF]
Holland Park Australia - March 2021 [PDF]
Holland Park Australia - February 2021 [PDF]
Holland Park Australia - January 2021 [PDF]

Holland Park Australia 2020 Holland Park Australia - December 2020 [PDF]
Holland Park Australia - November 2020 [PDF]
Holland Park Australia - October 2020 [PDF]
Holland Park Australia - September 2020 [PDF]
Holland Park Australia - December 2019 [PDF]
Kiama Australia 2020 Kiama Australia - April 2020 [PDF]
Kiama Australia - May 2020 [PDF]
Kiama Australia 2019 Kiama Australia - February 2019 [PDF]
Kiama Australia - March 2019 [PDF]
Kiama Australia - April 2019 [PDF]
Kiama Australia - May 2019 [PDF]
Kiama Australia - September 2019 [PDF]
Kiama Australia - October 2019 [PDF]
Kiama Australia - November 2019 [PDF]
Kiama Australia - December 2019 [PDF]

Bradford Canada - January 2014 to CURRENT
Cambridge Canada - August 2019 to CURRENT
Women's Probus Club of Cambridge Riverside ‚Äč - CURRENT
Pickering Lakeside Canada - February 2019 to CURRENT

Barrie-Kempenfelt Canada - October 2019 [PDF]

Newmarket Canada - July 2019 [PDF]
Newmarket Canada - January 2020 [PDF]
Newmarket Canada - May 2020 [PDF]

Locks Heath (Southampton UK) 2020

Dunmow UK September 2019 [PDF]
Dunmow UK October 2019 [PDF]

Ellesmere Probus 30th Anniversary

Chennai Probus December 2019

Meeting Videos

Recordings of Club Meetings

PROBUS Global members are invited to attend local virtual club meetings online. Check out the calendar. Some presentations are recorded for later viewing. Enjoy!

Probus Magazine Summer 2019

An article about PROBUS Global

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