PROBUS Global Connections

Connecting Members

Most members join PROBUS Global in order to widen their circle of friendships. With that in mind, PROBUS Global tries to help members connect with each other.

PROBUS Global grew out of the IPN (International PROBUS Network), a group of PROBUS club members who formed friendships online and offline since 1996. Shirley Roberts reminisces about some of those friendships in her blog article.

Video Chat Meetings

One on one or in small groups, video chat using Skype, Face Time, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger or another platform is all the rage right now.

If you would like to meet with us for general chit-chat or to discuss some particular issue, add yourself to the Video Chat List.

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Member Chat Room

Members have been meeting in the Member Chat room since the beginning of PROBUS Global. Why not join us.

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Email Connections

PROBUS Global members are happy to answer questions about their home country and their club. To contact someone, click on their name in the Member List.

Email conversations, one on one, or in small groups are a great way to turn acquaintances into lifelong friends. Some of us still call these friends penpals, although pens are seldom used nowadays.

If you are looking for a new friend or a small group to chat with by email, please add yourself to the PENPAL List.

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Online Meetings

Located all over the world, PROBUS Global members have never held a meeting. It has been suggested we host a live online meeting with a presentation for our members.

Sounds like a great idea! Would you attend an online meeting with a presentation? Do you have a presentation you would like to make?

I am interested

Many clubs are holding online meetings during the lockdowns. Some of our members have attended meetings at other clubs in other countries as guests. If you are interested in hosting guests at your club, or attending a virtual club meeting somewhere, tell us in the comment section below.

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