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Sandton PROBUS Club

Sandton, Gauteng ZA

16 members

Only 1 member of PROBUS Global

Type: Men

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Sandton Probus - keeping the club alive during Covid

We did send out a newsletter advising members when we would re-open but did very little to keep the club “alive” during this period.

Sandton Probus ran a short quiz during hard lockdown from April until September 2020. Our quizmaster sent out by e-mail to 28 interested members 30 quizzes, each of which were spread over 3 – 4 days.  

 What did our Club do when we met normally again

  • We ensured that we only filled the room to 50% of its capacity.
  • We have a lunch and used to sit at round tables taking 8 – 9 members, we reduced this to 5-6 members per table.
  • As we are situated in South Africa, we were able to open all the double doors on the one side of the room for fresh air.
  • Wearing masks depended on the individual.

The future challenges for Sandton Probus

We have been extremely lucky over the last two years as our membership has increased substantially in spite of the natural loss of some older members.

Our challenges are:

  • To maintain our current membership.
  • To find interesting speakers as we do not pay our speakers but give them a bottle of wine or chocolates.
  • To keep within our budget against spiralling food costs, etc.
  • Provide a pleasant atmosphere where members can communicate with each other.
  • Ensure the lunch supplied maintains its standard.

Sandy Davey Smith

Speaker Convener and Secretary

Sandton Probus

Gauteng, South Africa

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